Vote Dave Plummer for Waltham Abbey on 4th May

On 4th May you can vote for Waltham Abbey’s representative on Essex County Council.

With cuts to local services, public transport, care services, the Police, youth services and numerous other local issues we need people on the County Council who will represent the interests of Waltham Abbey’s residents, small businesses and our future.

This is NOT a general election – that’s coming on 8th June – and it’s not about Brexit. This is a local election for someone who knows and lives in the area and will work hard for you.

If elected I will continue to work for Waltham Abbey locally but will be in a much better position to work with Greens and others on Essex County Council to:

  • Reverse changes to our council tips which have led to increased fly tipping
  • Save our Fire Station
  • Secure a pedestrian crossing on Honey Lane/Woodridden Hill — helping people cross and reducing deer fatalities
  • Improve our public transport
  • Protect our health and care services
  • Increase social and genuinely affordable housing
  • Protect our environment and clean air

With the government imposing 84% cuts on Essex County Council by 2020 no one councillor can promise to achieve all of those things, no matter what they may say in a leaflet. However, we’ve a much better chance with more Greens representing us on our county council.


Do you know how your County Councillor has voted on your behalf? Do they tell you?

I’ll make sure that, wherever possible, every decision I make on the County Council is publicly available, along with the reasons I voted that way.

Vote for somebody who already works hard for Waltham Abbey

I’ve a lot of common ground with Labour and the Liberal Democrats but neither actively work for Waltham Abbey, UKIP are yesterday’s news and the Conservative Party is responsible for the cuts to social care, police, public transport and other essential services we now face.

A vote for me is a vote for a candidate who genuinely, demonstrably cares about Waltham Abbey, our people, our services, our businesses and our environment.

Read more about the work I do for Waltham Abbey here:

Read Essex Green Party’s manifesto for the 2017 local elections here: Full size (24MB) | Small size (1.7MB)

Where’s the Cornmill Cone?

Litter really annoys me, as it does most people. Last summer I rolled my trousers up and picked up a load of cans, bottles, carrier bags, glasses and a traffic cone from the Cornmill Stream behind the Town Council offices.

It didn’t take long for the traffic cone to end up back in the stream, along with more assorted litter.

So today I rolled my trousers up again, introduced my unsuspecting feet to the Cornmill Stream chilliness and got rid of the cone and assorted litter.

It’s a small thing but I think it’s important to get stuck in rather than  tutting.


Email to Eleanor Laing re. Epping Forest deer hunting

A young stag in a forestDear Eleanor Laing,

As you may be aware the City of London Open Spaces Committee has awarded a contract to the Capreolus Club, a private club for blood sports enthusiasts, to hunt deer in Epping Forest.

I don’t feel that this contract is appropriate for several reasons, including: Continue reading Email to Eleanor Laing re. Epping Forest deer hunting

Infrastructure first! The Local Plan and Waltham Abbey

wafs-fx-trimThe Local (District) and Neighbourhood (Town) plans are both open for consultation and participation.

800 new homes are proposed for several sites in Waltham Abbey, including:

  • 44 on the site of our Fire Station
  • 53 on the Waltham Abbey Community Centre
  • 463 on the Lee Valley Nursery
  • 132 by Parklands.

Continue reading Infrastructure first! The Local Plan and Waltham Abbey

Buses for people, not profit – scrap Clause 21 of the Bus Services Bill

167-Loughton-Station-cropAt the weekend we were back in Sun Street with our Saturday stall, discussing local issues but also collecting signatures for We Own It’s Clause 21 petition. Continue reading Buses for people, not profit – scrap Clause 21 of the Bus Services Bill