Waltham Abbey Greens are part of Epping Forest Green Party, working with local residents, small business, community groups and our councils to help improve our town.

As Green Party members and supporters we are in a unique position to provide a different perspective on day-to-day issues, putting people and planet before big business and profit.

Our three priorities are the economy, equality and ecology, all of which support each other.

For example, we recognise the importance of our small businesses, both for our local economy and our communities, and the necessity for an environment in which they can thrive.

This means providing decent public transport, healthcare, education and other public services along with protecting our green spaces and our historic, cultural and social amenities.

We're lucky to live in Waltham Abbey - let's work together to make it even better.

Over the last three years the Green Party has gone from having very little presence in Waltham Abbey to:

  • delivering regular newsletters door-to-door in two of Waltham Abbey's wards
  • playing a crucial role in saving the Royal Gunpowder Mills from being lost to a children's holiday camp
  • campaigning to save what's left of our bus services, including the 505 and evening 250 & 251 services
  • working with the Epping Forest Forum and Epping Forest Wildlife Protection Group around deer hunting and deer deaths on the forest's roads
  • pushing for more transparency and public engagement from our local authorities at town and county level
  • raising awareness of the service cuts at our fire station
  • supporting and promoting our small businesses
  • actively helping to reduce litter - including getting our feet wet in the Cornmill Stream
  • providing ongoing support for local people around issues such as disabled parking, safer streets and challenging inappropriate planning applications.

From a standing start in 2015 we've achieved a lot.

If you like what we do why not help us do more of it? Volunteer here.

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Waltham Abbey Greens street surgery stall 06/06/2015

LInda from Waltham Abbey Greens chatting to a local resident on our Street Surgery stall.