325 votes, 356% increase. Thank you Waltham Abbey!

In the County Council elections 325 Waltham Abbey residents,  most of whom have never met me, voted for the Green Party and I to represent them on Essex  County Council. That’s a 356% increase on the 89 votes we won in 2013 and shows that there is space for green policies in Waltham Abbey.

We didn’t win but I thank each and every one of you for your support.

As promised in my flyer I will continue to campaign for the issues which you’ve told me matter to Waltham Abbey – better public transport, appropriate housing and support for local businesses.

Over the next few months local Greens will be around with our quick surveys. Please take the time to fill them in if you can.

Credit where its due

I congratulate Cllr Ricki Gadsby on holding the Waltham Abbey seat on the County Council. Although we’re on different sides of the political spectrum we do have some common ground, particularly around public transport and safer streets.

I know that Cllr Gadsby  has made good progress on a pedestrian crossing on Honey Lane near the Woodbine pub, working closely with Jane Trite and other local campaigners, and there are proposals to introduce a community bus scheme to replace the 505.

These are both things which I wholeheartedly support.

Low turnout

Unfortunately the turnout was very low – just 3833 (23%) of Waltham Abbey’s 16,839 electorate voted. There were only 2106 votes between Cllr Gadsby and Timothy Vaughan, who stood for the Liberal Democrats, in last place. A few of the remaining 13,006 votes could have made all the difference, though there’s no way of knowing which way they would have gone.

I genuinely believe that one way to improve turnout is to make more people aware that there is a viable alternative to the Conservative hegemony.

Can you help us spread that message?

In this election campaign we had great support from volunteers who got involved for the first time, helping to deliver 5,000 leaflets across Waltham Abbey, the majority going to homes which had never had any Green Party literature through their door before.

We’re the only political party which regularly distributes newsletters about Waltham Abbey issues but we’ve been limited to focusing on Waltham Abbey South West ward. Can you help spread the message further? It’s not just Green Party propaganda – it’s a genuine attempt to keep people informed about local issues and hopefully get more people involved in local campaigns.

We also run Saturday street stalls on Sun Street.

If you can help out with either, or in any other way, please let us know by filling in this form: http://efgp.org.uk/wagpvolunteer.

Of course, you could join the Green Party too! We’re the party that joins the dots between environmental protection, social equality and localism. If you agree with us that campaigining for one involves campaigning for the others why not join?


Thanks again for your support. It means a lot to me both personally and as a Green Party activist.

Waltham Abbey Green Drinks – Thurs 27th April – The Crown

Meet your Greens!

With the local plan, the neighbourhood plan, parking problems and cuts to bus services, youth services and care services there’s a lot going on in Waltham Abbey.

But there’s still always time to spend a relaxing evening in good company!

We’re going to meet for a chat and some socialising at The Crown on Thursday 27th, from 7pm, to chew the fat.

Join us!

It’s an informal meeting of like-minded people – there are more of us in Waltham Abbey than you might think.

After the Green Drinks why not stick around for The Crown’s quiz at nine?

Facebook event page: Waltham Abbey Green Drinks

Vote Dave Plummer for Waltham Abbey on 4th May

On 4th May you can vote for Waltham Abbey’s representative on Essex County Council.

With cuts to local services, public transport, care services, the Police, youth services and numerous other local issues we need people on the County Council who will represent the interests of Waltham Abbey’s residents, small businesses and our future.

This is NOT a general election – that’s coming on 8th June – and it’s not about Brexit. This is a local election for someone who knows and lives in the area and will work hard for you.

If elected I will continue to work for Waltham Abbey locally but will be in a much better position to work with Greens and others on Essex County Council to:

  • Reverse changes to our council tips which have led to increased fly tipping
  • Save our Fire Station
  • Secure a pedestrian crossing on Honey Lane/Woodridden Hill — helping people cross and reducing deer fatalities
  • Improve our public transport
  • Protect our health and care services
  • Increase social and genuinely affordable housing
  • Protect our environment and clean air

With the government imposing 84% cuts on Essex County Council by 2020 no one councillor can promise to achieve all of those things, no matter what they may say in a leaflet. However, we’ve a much better chance with more Greens representing us on our county council.


Do you know how your County Councillor has voted on your behalf? Do they tell you?

I’ll make sure that, wherever possible, every decision I make on the County Council is publicly available, along with the reasons I voted that way.

Vote for somebody who already works hard for Waltham Abbey

I’ve a lot of common ground with Labour and the Liberal Democrats but neither actively work for Waltham Abbey, UKIP are yesterday’s news and the Conservative Party is responsible for the cuts to social care, police, public transport and other essential services we now face.

A vote for me is a vote for a candidate who genuinely, demonstrably cares about Waltham Abbey, our people, our services, our businesses and our environment.

Read more about the work I do for Waltham Abbey here: http://walthamabbey.efgp.org.uk/about/

Read Essex Green Party’s manifesto for the 2017 local elections here: Full size (24MB) | Small size (1.7MB)

Buses for people, not profit – scrap Clause 21 of the Bus Services Bill

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Royal Gunpowder Mills update

Dave Plummer at the Royal Gunpowder Mills site.The Royal Gunpowder Mills continues to be one of the most regularly raised issues on our Green Party stalls in Sun Street. However, there’s not been much information about the future of the site since the reprieve at the Epping Forest District Council meeting on 6th June. Continue reading Royal Gunpowder Mills update

Epping Forest Green Party in Waltham Abbey