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Waltham Abbey Town Council rejects Crown Hill Garden Centre development

Epping Forest Green Party has welcomed Waltham Abbey Town Council’s Planning Committee decision to reject a proposal for a 21 home development on the Crown Hill Garden Centre. Continue reading Waltham Abbey Town Council rejects Crown Hill Garden Centre development

Hillhouse Masterplan published

Epping Forest District Council has published the Hillhouse Masterplan, which details the proposed development on the Ninefields estate.

Many local residents have raised concerns about the proposed development when visiting our Sun Street stall.

We’ll review the plans and comment more fully in due course.

You can download the masterplan here (.pdf, 2.9mb): Hillhouse Masterplan
The Epping Forest District Council press statement is here:

Royal Gunpowder Mills update

UPDATE 12/04/2016: The Planning Officer’s Report recommends that permission is granted for the application.

Thanks to Alan for the info (in the comments below.)

The report is on pages 31-74 of the agenda for 20th April here:

The campaign to save the Royal Gunpowder Mills will have to look at the report and decide where to go next but, in the meantime, if you want to write to your District Councillor, our MP and our MEPs you can contact them directly through



It’s all gone a bit quiet on the RGM front so I’ve phoned the District Council for an update. There’s not much news but Jill Shingler is writing a report for the next District Development Management Committee meeting, which will be held on Wednesday 20th April in Epping.

There haven’t been any changes to the application that I’m aware of but PGL submitted a Transport Assessment Report which triggered requests for responses from consultees.

As things stand the plans will still see the best bits taken from public use and fenced off for the holiday camp.

The meeting agenda should be up here in due course:

The planning application and associated documents are on the Epping Forest District Council site here:

Waltham Abbey Greens’ statement on Knolly’s Nursery

Knolly’s Nursery

A full council meeting on 23rd November voted to approve the planning application for Knolly’s Nursery (EPF/1162/15).

  • For: 24
  • Against: 11
  • Abstentions: 3

Continue reading Waltham Abbey Greens’ statement on Knolly’s Nursery