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Waltham Abbey Greens Video Update – December 2017

News about:

  • the 250/251 evening bus services campaign
  • the 418 bus
  • the Royal Gunpowder Mills
  • World Aids Day stall
  • Unite Community stall
  • storage on Hillhouse
  • Jenny Jones’ visit to Buckhurst Hill
  • the Green Party’s Essex County Councillor, James Abbott, on Sunday Politics East.

Infrastructure first! The Local Plan and Waltham Abbey

wafs-fx-trimThe Local (District) and Neighbourhood (Town) plans are both open for consultation and participation.

800 new homes are proposed for several sites in Waltham Abbey, including:

  • 44 on the site of our Fire Station
  • 53 on the Waltham Abbey Community Centre
  • 463 on the Lee Valley Nursery
  • 132 by Parklands.

Continue reading Infrastructure first! The Local Plan and Waltham Abbey

Buses for people, not profit – scrap Clause 21 of the Bus Services Bill

167-Loughton-Station-cropAt the weekend we were back in Sun Street with our Saturday stall, discussing local issues but also collecting signatures for We Own It’s Clause 21 petition. Continue reading Buses for people, not profit – scrap Clause 21 of the Bus Services Bill

Statement on cuts to Waltham Abbey Fire Station

Waltham Abbey faces the loss of a full-time Fire Service in the town and surrounding neighbourhoods [1].

The Fire Station, which is currently staffed from 9am – 6pm, will be reduced to an on-call service, similar to the Lifeboat service, with fire fighters having to attend from wherever they are, and what ever they’re doing, elsewhere.

Essex Fire Service says that these proposals are about increasing public safety. Frankly, that’s an insult to the public’s intelligence. The proposals are nothing to do with increasing public safety – they’re all about dealing with the unnecessary 7% year-on-year cuts which have been imposed on our Fire Service.

England’s already seen a 21%[2] increase in fire deaths over the last year, and in London they’ve increased by 20%[3] following cuts and fire station closures. Cutting services in Waltham Abbey, and Loughton, isn’t going to help to reduce that. Every second added to a response time increases the chances of loss of life.

Part time and volunteer fire fighters, no matter how well-trained and dedicated, are no replacement for a properly funded, supported and staffed fire service.

Dave Plummer,
Epping Forest Green Party – Waltham Abbey town coordinator