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Waltham Abbey Greens Video Update – November 2017

News for November, including:

  • 250 and 251 evening bus service legal action
  • the Honey Lane pedestrian crossing,
  • deer rutting season
  • cats
  • a new market stall
  • fly tipping
  • a couple of local Green Party things.

Waltham Abbey Greens video update – October 2017

A bit longer than intended but there was a lot to fit in.

Topics include:

  • Buses – the 13/13A and 250/251
  • Litter
  • Planning power grab on the District Council
  • Waltham Abbey Town Centre
  • Local Green Party events

Making the most of Waltham Abbey’s town centre.

IMG_20151231_114447037_HDRAt the beginning of January, following a discussion in a Waltham Abbey Facebook group, I emailed Waltham Abbey Town Council asking if they’d consider holding a public meeting around how we can make the best of Sun Street, support local traders and whether or not we should invite large retail chains into the street.

I’ve not had a full reply yet (it might be answered at the next full Waltham Abbey Town Council meeting on Wednesday 24th Feb) but on Thursday 21st January Lisa Gates, of Lisa G Studio, organised a meeting of Waltham Abbey’s small businesses to cover similar issues.

This is my take on the meeting, from a Green’s perspective. Continue reading Making the most of Waltham Abbey’s town centre.