Waltham Abbey Greens Video Update – December 2017

News about: the 250/251 evening bus services campaign the 418 bus the Royal Gunpowder Mills World Aids Day stall Unite Community stall storage on Hillhouse Jenny Jones’ visit to Buckhurst Hill the Green Party’s Essex County Councillor, James Abbott, on Sunday Politics East.

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Waltham Abbey Greens Video Update – November 2017

News for November, including: 250 and 251 evening bus service legal action the Honey Lane pedestrian crossing, deer rutting season cats a new market stall fly tipping a couple of local Green Party things.

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Waltham Abbey Greens video update – October 2017

A bit longer than intended but there was a lot to fit in. Topics include: Buses – the 13/13A and 250/251 Litter Planning power grab on the District Council Waltham Abbey Town Centre Local Green Party events

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