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We’re very active in Waltham Abbey and a lot happens between our regular newsletters – delivered door-to-door in at least two of Waltham Abbey’s wards.

If you’re in one of the wards that we can’t get to, or you want to keep up to date between newsletters, why not sign up to our email list?

We won’t add you to any other Green Party lists – this is just for news that affects Waltham Abbey.

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Can you spare three hours every three months?

Waltham Abbey Green View, published quarterly, is the Green Party’s local newsletter. Paid for by donations and delivered door-to-door by volunteers it features news and issues that you won’t find in the Town Crier.

Can you help us deliver them to more of Waltham Abbey’s homes?

Just three hours, spread over a week or two every three months would mean we could keep many more households informed about issues which affect them.

There are other ways you can get involved too. Tick the boxes below if you can: