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Save the 250 & 251 – Epping Forest rally for buses and public transport

On Monday 3rd July I organised a small lunchtime rally for the Epping Forest Transport Action Group, in support of buses and public transport in Epping Forest.

The rally was partly to build support for the campaign to save the 250 and 251 bus routes and also to launch Catch the Bus Week. The Campaign for Better Transport came along to talk about the latter and their wider campaigning work. Continue reading Save the 250 & 251 – Epping Forest rally for buses and public transport

Email to Eastern MEPs: Please vote against the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (#TTIP)

MEPs listen - TTIP graphic(Email sent via writetothem.com)

Please vote against the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP)

Dear David Campbell Bannerman, Patrick O’Flynn, Tim Aker, Richard Howitt, Geoffrey Van Orden, Vicky Ford and Stuart Agnew,

I am writing to ask you to vote against the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) on Wednesday. I believe that TTIP represents a threat to our democracy by sidestepping our elected domestic and European representatives, handing power to completely non-democratic corporations.

Of particular concern are threats to food safety, employment rights (including minimum wage legislation and the right to join a trade union) environmental and agricultural legislation.

Possibly my major worry is that TTIP would make it very difficult for a future British or English government to halt and reverse the privatisation of our public services, public transport and essential utilities. It’s possible that no future government will want to do that but the decision should be theirs to make in the best interests of Britain, not taken from them by private interests.

I believe that our membership of the European Union is of overall benefit to Britain but it can only remain so if our MEPs vote in the best interests of the people who elected you. The vast majority of people who are aware of TTIP oppose it. A vote against TTIP will demonstrate that you put democracy ahead of private interests.

If we really do need a trade deal let’s start again from scratch and hold the talks in the open, with representation from all of those affected, not just the corporations who stand to gain.

Please vote to reject TTIP.

Yours sincerely,

David Plummer

Want to know more about TTIP? Have a look at this short video:

UKIP, climate change and our economy

Originally posted as a comment on the Epping Forest Guardian story ‘Green Party candidate criticises Andrew Smith of UKIP after ‘dangerous’ climate change comments‘.

Even if Andrew Smith is correct about anthropogenic (man-made) climate change, which would fly in the face of the vast majority of expert opinion, what harm is there in us reducing CO2 emissions anyway?

By investing more in renewable energy we’d reduce our reliance on energy imports and create thousands of jobs in design, construction and manufacturing. It doesn’t all have to be huge projects like wind, solar and tidal: local renewable energy cooperatives reduce the ‘big six’ stranglehold on energy supply and, by extension, pricing, while reducing fuel bills and helping local economies through training and installation. Making energy generation and supply more local is a major part of Green Party energy policy and would stop us shovelling money into the pockets of European energy companies’ shareholders’ pockets, something I’d have thought UKIP would support.

Our policy of cutting VAT on housing repairs from 20% to 5%, in support of the Federation of Master Builders campaign[1], could create 42,000 construction jobs while making housing more energy efficient. More jobs, lower fuel bills and reduced CO2 emissions. Who could argue with that?
Andrew Smith might not believe in anthropogenic climate change but he should support renewable energy even if only for the economic benefits to Britain.

Dave Plummer, Green Party town and district candidate, Waltham Abbbey South West.

1 Greens pledge to cut VAT on housing repairs