Break-ins on Sun Street

Following the spate of break-ins on Sun Street over the last few days with no apparent action taken by the Police, a few people have asked me about policing and crime prevention in our town centre.

There’s not much a Councillor can do about policing – police budgets are down to national government public spending decisions, topped up by Council Tax. Having more police on our streets relies on additional funding from either or both.

In 2018 Essex’s Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner, Roger Hirst, increased the police element of the county’s council tax by 7.62% to pay for additional policing.1

Waltham Abbey Town Council recently ran a survey asking if people would rather pay for all-night street lighting or additional policing. There was enough money in the council budget to pay for this year but future years would need a £5.20 increase in council tax.2

I don’t know what the result of the survey was and haven’t seen any press releases about it – I’ll chase it up.

I’ll also get in touch with Emma Jackson, our Waltham Abbey local PC, to find out why little appears to have been done about the break-ins. It’s possible that the Police are working behind the scenes with CCTV footage and other information that we don’t know about.

The Sun Street CCTV which doesn’t appear to be catching many of the break-ins – this is something which has been raised many times and is something else that I’ll chase up.

If you’re concerned about crime and would like to do your bit to help reduce it please consider signing up as a member of Waltham Abbey Neighbourhood Watch: