Climate Change and airport expansion – Dave’s contributions to Asset Management & Economic Development Committee, June 2019

On Thursday 27th June Green Party councillors Dave Plummer (Waltham Abbey South West) and Simon Heap (Buckhurst Hill East) went along to the Epping Forest District Council Asset Management and Economic Development Cabinet Committee. Although neither are on the committee, which is 100% Conservative, councillors can attend and make contributions.

Dave was particularly concerned about the minimal references to climate change in the Nurturing Growth Draft Economic Strategy and the Council’s support for airport expansion at Stansted.

You can watch clips of Dave’s contributions below. Dave’s comments were unscripted.

Nurturing Growth – Draft Economic Strategy

I’ve got a couple of comments on the Nurturing Growth report.

Firstly, I’d like to thank Duncan Haslam and everyone involved in putting up the plain text version. That’s a lot easier for people who have got a visual impairment and anyone trying to read stuff on the bus – it’s much easier than trying to look a that big pdf. Thank you very much for that.

Secondly, as you’re probably aware, we need to limit CO2 emissions to 45% of 2010 levels but that’s not mentioned in this report. There’s nothing about climate change mentioned in this report. It’s the single most fundamental issue that we face but if you read this report, this consultation paper, you wouldn’t think it was existing.


Where is the section about limiting CO2? Where is the section about prioritising this and the jobs that it will bring into the community and our businesses, the employment opportunities, the business opportunities? Where is that? It’s not there and I think that’s a dreadful shame and I hope that can be addressed shortly.


I realise that it’s too late for this consultation paper, but (climate change) that should be the fundamental, foremost point because everything else you’re trying to do in this report pales into insignificance compared to that.

You can download the report from the District Council website here: Nurturing Growth

Epping Forest District Council’s support for Stansted expansion

Inevitably, I’ve got to mention Stansted. I think supporting any airport expansion with what we now know is extremely shortsighted and selfish, frankly. The economy’s important, jobs are important but there’s nothing more important than saving the planet for the people who need to live here.


Supporting airport expansion at this moment is just spiteful, frankly. 

I’m mentioning this because it doesn’t feel like this stuff gets discussed enough. I just want to point out that I personally, and my party, absolutely oppose that.