Waltham Abbey Town Centre small business chat


Vintner & Mason

22b Sun Street, Waltham Abbey, EN9 1EE

Waltham Abbey, England, GB, EN9 1EE

From the market to festivals and special events, if you’re a small business in Waltham Abbey `town centre come along to chat ideas.

How can we make more of our Town Centre? Sun Street and the Market Square both have loads of potential but we’re not making the most of them.

If you’ve any ideas for ways to change that please come along.

Town and District councillors will be there to update you on what’s happening, and some of the barriers we face, but we really need to hear from you, the small businesses who are at the heart of our Town Centre. It’s not just a talking shop – feedback from these meetings is already making a difference.

These events are very relaxed and open – there’s no agenda, just an opportunity to chat.

You don’t have to register but it will be helpful if you do so we’ve an idea of how many people are coming.

6.00pm for a 6.15pm start.

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