Forthcoming meeting – Waltham Abbey Policy & Resources Committee – Weds 3rd July

Waltham Abbey’s Policy and Resources Committee meets this Wednesday, 3rd July, at 7.30pm at the Town Hall on Highbridge Street.

The first half of the meeting is open to the public and includes the Town Clerks’ report on the Street Lights or Greater Police Cover consultation.

Why not come along?

If you have a question you’d like to ask the committee please let our Town Clerk, Kathryn Richmond, know as soon as possible so there’s time to look into it.


About the committee

From the Waltham Abbey Town Council website

The Policy and Resources Committee is responsible for setting Council policy, preparing the annual budget, control and supervision of the budget, setting Fees & Charges, information technology, audit (internal & external), Council staff and establishment, task procedures, complaints, Risk Management, Strategic Plan (five year plan), the Town Hall (building and function room) and both licensed bars (Town Mead and Town Hall)


This is the full agenda and reports for the public part of the meeting. I apologise to anybody with visual impairments that it’s only a graphic .pdf rather than a text one. I tried doing an image-to-text conversion but it wasn’t particularly successful.