Green win in Waltham Abbey South West

Waltham Abbey South West has a new Town and District Councillor.

Community campaigner Dave Plummer won the election for District Councillor and one of the Town Council seats.

Dave said,

‘I’m humbled that so many people in our ward have put their trust in me to represent them. There was a clear appetite for change and for a councillor who gets out and about in the community, supporting local people, businesses and projects.’

‘I’ll continue to be active in community work, from litter-picking to Community Speedwatch, but will now be in a better position to help ensure that the most important issues we face – the climate crisis and loss of wildlife habitat – are given due prominence in decisions made by our councils.’


Waltham Abbey South West District council results:

Dave Plummer: 493 (62%) (Elected)
Ricki Gadsby: 302 (38%)

Waltham Abbey South West Town Council results:

Dave Plummer: 540 (37%) (Elected)
Helen Kane: 347 (30%) (Elected)
Paul Tippet: 268 (23%)

Greens stood in three of Waltham Abbey’s other wards too.

Rebecca Fricker (North East): 182 (24%)
Vernon Gurtner (Paternoster): 69 (9%)
Carina Hill (Honey Lane): 134 (13%)