Greens call for rethink on Waltham Holy Cross academisation

Plans to force Waltham Holy Cross primary school to turn into an academy have been slammed by the local Green Party.

Dave Plummer, the Green Party’s candidate for Paternoster ward in May’s local elections, said,

‘Academy schools are just privatisation of our education system under a different name and, in the case of Waltham Holy Cross, appears to be being rushed through against the wishes of parents, staff and children.’

‘The new head, Erica Barnet, had been in place for less than a year when Ofsted carried out their most recent inspection.’

‘The parents who contacted me about the school say that they’re happy with the changes Erica has made and want her to be given a chance to carry on improving the school. The points made in the Ofsted report can all be addressed without resorting to selling the school off to private ownership.’

‘We’re calling on the Regional Schools Commissioner to halt the process and give Erica and the school a chance to get things on track.”‘

There’s more information here: http://efgp.org.uk/holycross