Greens clean up Conservative’s mess

Dave and Carina removing the balloons

We were extremely disappointed yesterday (Saturday 27th April) to find that Waltham Abbey Conservatives had used balloons on their stall in our market place, and left them behind when they were finished.

Dave Plummer – Waltham Abbey Greens and Carina Hill took them down, burst them and put them in the bin, but a few had already come adrift and blown towards the Cornmill Stream.

Balloons cause untold damage to wildlife, suffocating birds and small mammals if parts of them are swallowed, or can get stuck in the digestive tract causing a long and painful death through starvation.

Eco-friendly balloons can still take years to biodegrade.

The danger to wildlife from things like this isn’t always obvious, which is why it’s so important to elect Greens to local councils – we can make sure that the environmental and ecological impacts of ideas are raised and considered before potentially damaging decisions are made.


Dave launched The Waltham Abbey Litter Picking Posse
Carina is a founder member of the Epping Forest Wildlife Protection Group.