Local Elections 2018

Waltham Abbey Greens are standing in both of the wards up for election on 3rd May 2018 – Carina Hill in Honey Lane and Dave Plummer in Paternoster

If elected our candidates will work to:

  • Put our small businesses and local economy before large chains
  • Prioritise housing based on local need before developers’ profits
  • Protect our precious Green Belt and green spaces from development
  • Ensure infrastructure – schools, health and care services, public transport – is in place before development starts
  • Make our streets safer and less intimidating for pedestrians, cyclists, wildlife and motorists
  • Do what we can to tackle anti-social behaviour at source
  • Improve accountability – we’ll let you know how we voted on every decision and encourage other councillors to do the same
  • Engage the community – working more closely with groups, businesses and individuals to find out your opinion on major decisions

With two District Councillors in Buckhurst Hill East the Green Party is already making a difference. Your vote can help make the Green voice even louder.

Our candidates

Carina and Dave are both active in the community, supporting local campaigns and working hard for our people, businesses, wildlife and environment.

Honey Lane – Carina Hill

Carina’s a former registered nurse and children’s nursery owner with a law degree. She currently works for a charity and has a particular interest in environmental and animal welfare issues.

Local campaigning

Locally Carina was heavily involved in the successful campaign to prevent commercial deer hunting in Epping Forest and has led calls for reducing traffic-related deer deaths. She plays an active role in both the Plastic’s Not Fantastic in Epping Forest campaign to reduce single-use plastics and the Waltham Abbey Litter Picking Posse.

She’s also involved with several local animal and wildlife groups, including Waltham Abbey Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation.

Paternoster – Dave Plummer

Dave’s worked in both the public and private sectors. He currently runs his own small business providing backroom support for small charities and he volunteers at The Scratching Post Cat Rescue centre off Honey Lane. A former trade union representative, Dave has a particular interest in improving the public services and infrastructure that we all rely on.

Local campaigning

Dave’s played a crucial role in many local, varied campaigns, from the campaign to save the Royal Gunpowder Mills to helping address car parking charges in Lee Valley Regional Park sites and is currently helping parents campaign to save the Waltham Holy Cross school from being forced to become an academy. He set up the Waltham Abbey Litter Picking Posse group and Plastic’s Not Fantastic in Epping Forest campaign and is a founding member of the Epping Forest Transport Action Group, campaigning for better public transport and safer streets in Epping Forest. He was pivotal in arranging a new school bus for Epping St Johns pupils and is currently working to reinstate late evening buses for Waltham Abbey.

Dave’s secretary of the Waltham Abbey Neighbourhood Plan committee and a member of the Waltham Abbey Residents Association committee.