No regular weekend trains from Waltham Cross to London until May 2019

I recently contacted Greater Anglia trains, who run the services through Waltham Cross, to find out when we’ll get a proper, regular weekend service to and from London.

Unfortunately, it looks like we’ll continue to be cut off until May 2019 at the earliest.

This is the response I received from Greater Anglia’s Train Planning Team, 10/12/2017:

It’s difficult to say when the major project engineering works will be completed by Network Rail between Enfield Lock and Tottenham Hale for the third “STAR” line ( Stratford to Angle Road). Originally the STAR line was supposed to open in the December 2018 timetable, however this has now been moved back to May 2019. I am aware of a significant number of proposed possession up to December 2018 for this project work however would expect a number of possession to be requested up until May 2019, assuming the project is able to complete the work required by May 2019. A number of Network Rail projects are running behind schedule and therefore I would not be able to guarantee that the project would be able to finish by May 2019, however this is the date Network Rail and we are working to.
Once this project has been finished there will still need to be maintenance engineering works in this area, as well as additional possessions for lengthening of platforms/ infrastructure work to do with the introduction of our new longer trains, although I do not believe this possessions have been finalised yet.
In short, the major project engineering works which require blocks of Enfield Lock to Tottenham Hale on weekends on a regular basis should finish around May 2019.