Potholes – an expensive inconvenience for cars, life-threatening for cyclists

As reported in the Epping Forest Guardian, Tuesday 15th January is National Pothole Day. They’re asking people to submit info about particularly noteworthy potholes in the district.

Something that’s not mentioned much in articles about potholes is that, although they can be an expensive nuisance for motorists, they are a cause of personal injury to cyclists.

A Cyclists UK report from March 2018 showed that 64 cyclists had been killed or seriously injured in 2016 alone.

22 were killed and 368 seriously injured as a result of potholes between 2007 and 2016.

This is one of the reasons, along with blocked, poorly implemented or non-existent cycle routes, which pushes cyclists further out into the road or onto our pavements.

The Epping Forest Transport Action Group is doing a lot of work around making our district’s cycling infrastructure better.

See their website for more information: https://eftag.org.uk/cycling/

Read the Epping Forest Guardian’s article about National Pothole Day here: National Pothole Day takes place on January 15

The Cycling UK article is here: 390 cyclists killed or seriously injured since 2007 due to potholes


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