Potholes to Glycophosphate – a Waltham Abbey Greens Saturday

It’s been a good couple of days for Waltham Abbey Greens with three new members joining and lots of support for our campaigning work.

Issues raised on our Sun Street Saturday stall today included:

  • The Next.plc planning application – people stopped by to sign the petition who only know about it after receiving their copy of Autumn Green News through the letterbox
  • Glycophosphates (Roundup) – somebody joined the Green Party at Saturday’s stall specifically because of the work we’re doing around glycophosphates and other national and international food safety and responsible agriculture campaigning
  • Electric Vehicle Charging Points – there aren’t any and we need some
  • Litter – the car park by Tesco/Lloyds was raised by a couple of people as being a particular problem (we wrote to Tesco about this back in May.)
  • Buses – particularly the unreliable 66 and the infrequency and early finish of the 86
  • Potholes and pavement parking – the combination of the two makes things particularly difficult for wheelchair users. Cars parked by the pedestrian crossing by the Magic Wok were raised as a problem too.

Several people stopped by to thank us for the work we do for and with Waltham Abbey’s community.

Every word of support is a great boost to us and really does mean a lot.

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