Stop the Holy Cross Academy

Waltham Holy Cross school faces being forced into becoming an academy school against the wishes of parents, students and teachers. We’ve been approached by parents to ask if we can help stop the academisation of the school.


  • Back in 2016 Waltham Holy Cross had an Ofsted inspection which gave the school a ‘good’ rating.
  • In January 2017 a new head, Erica Barnet, took over
  • I’m told that parents, staff and students all support the changes she is making
  • In December 2017, less than a year after Erica took over, there was another Ofsted inspection which gave the school an ‘inadequate’ marking. As per the Education and Adoption Act 2016 this means that the school faces being forced into becoming an academy.

Can we stop this? We don’t know but we’ve got to try.

Comments from parents

(Please note that these comments are taken from a public Facebook group and do not imply endorsement or support of the Green Party or Dave Plummer.)

I am a parent at this school and I feel the Ofsted report was unfair. I acknowledge improvements need to be made but special measures and forced academy status feels so wrong. What’s more, we were told that as parents we have no rights, no say, no voice to appeal. A group of professionals who do not know our school will be deciding which academy will take over with no consultation. I have emailed Ofsted to appeal and heard nothing. I have emailed other education professionals and been basically told we have no rights. We must at least be heard.

Lauren Alston

I am a parent of a year 1 child who has additional needs and a reception child also. As much as I do not agree with the ofsted report there are obvious issues that do need sorting in our school. I understand we are now being forced to become a academy but it’s disgusting that parents and teachers do not have any say in which academy we choose. I worry so much that money always seems to be the deciding factor in decisions like this and not what is best for the children and there education. A lot of the cooperate academy’s are a one size fits all learning and would definitely not suit my children at all and probably a lot of others. There teachers and us know our children and the best way that suits individual needs, so how can people that have never even stepped foot in our school let alone met the wonderful teachers and children decide who should be best to take over???. I’m already looking for a new school for my children as I do not hold out much hope of us becoming a academy with someone who understands this and it will be taken over by whoever flashes the cash the most. Longer school hours and a whole load of homework on top is not going to happen to my children. We as a school community need to get our voice heard.


Stacie Louise Kendrick