Why I dislike elections

Over the last few days I’ve been around Waltham Abbey South West putting election literature through letter boxes. I’ve not been around the whole ward yet – sore feet, non-party political campaigning and earning a living all limit the available time – but you should all have had a leaflet through your door by midweek. The thing is, I’m delivering […]

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Royal Gunpowder Mills update

UPDATE 12/04/2016: The Planning Officer’s Report recommends that permission is granted for the application. Thanks to Alan for the info (in the comments below.) The report is on pages 31-74 of the agenda for 20th April here:¬†http://efgp.org.uk/rgmplanningofficerreportapril2016 The campaign to save the Royal Gunpowder Mills will have to look at the report and decide where to go next but, in […]

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Waltham Abbey Greens’ statement on Knolly’s Nursery

Knolly’s Nursery A full council meeting on 23rd November voted to approve the planning application for Knolly’s Nursery (EPF/1162/15). For: 24 Against: 11 Abstentions: 3

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