Update 04/01/2020 – Town Council budget meeting, planning meeting and more. #WalthamAbbey


This is the script for a video I intended to record today but it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen.

I’m posting it as text because there’s some important stuff in it.

Please have a read and, if there are things you think others might like to know about, please share it.

Video 04/01/2020

Hi, this is another quick video with a few updates. I’ll put relevant links on the Waltham Abbey Greens website.

Firstly, please be aware that your Town and District Councillors are aware of the pothole problems and we’re trying our best to resolve them. Potholes come under the remit of Essex County Council’s Highways department so, although we’re doing what we can, you should continue to report them to via their website and contact Cllr Ricky Gadsby, Waltham Abbey’s County Councillor, to pursue the problems at county level.

The quickest way to email Cllr Gadsby and your District Councillors is via writetothem.com


The Town Council has a couple of important meetings coming on Wednesday. There’s a planning meeting at 4pm which includes the revised Next development application and outline planning permission for 40 homes on the former haulage yard on Sewardstone Road. I can’t comment on either of these as that would prejudice my position when they come before the District Council but they’re both important applications.

Also on Wednesday the Town Council will agree our budget for the year. Unfortunately the budget itself isn’t available online. I’m going to ask that it’s made available on the Town Council’s website so that you can see it ahead of the meeting but, in the meantime, please email the Town Council if you’d like a copy.

townclerk – that’s one word – at walthamabbey-tc.gov.uk.


If you’d like to come along please let the Town Council know, particularly if you have mobility issues.

The meeting is actually two meetings – the Policy and Resources Subcommitee and the Full Council. Irritatingly, there’s a section at the end of the Policy & Resources meeting which isn’t open to the public, meaning that you’d have to leave the room for that bit and come back in for the full Council budget meeting. I don’t know if that can be changed but I’ll ask.

The meetings start at 7.30pm. All are held in the Town Hall on Highbridge Street.

In other news, the Waltham Abbey Litter Picking Posse are meeting on Saturday 18th for a litter picking session. We haven’t decided where we’re going to pick yet so, if you’ve got any thoughts and are on Facebook, pop by the group to have your say!

Litter Picking Posse group: Waltham Abbey Litter Picking Posse

On Sunday, the day after the litter pick, the Waltham Abbey Wool Show is back! It’s one of the most renowned events held in our area. I’d guess that if you’re into that sort of thing you’ve already got your tickets but, if you haven’t, please make sure that you do.

Waltham Abbey Wool Show website

A great bit of news is that Waltham Abbey is going to have our own branch of the Epping Forest Foodbank again. The District Council passed a motion to chuck a bit more money at Epping Forest Foodbank and set up a site in Waltham Abbey, which looms like it’s going to be in a church. I’ve no more details as yet.

The motion was from a Conservative councillor and I’m very much aware of the irony of Conservatives supporting Foodbanks but, credit where it’s due, it’s a good thing.

Finally, Waltham Abbey Town Council has agreed to include climate change as part of our grant programme for local organisations. I made a mistake at the December Policy and Resources meeting by voting against the proposal rather than abstaining – the original idea was to ring-fence money specifically for climate change activities but that was watered down to it just being part of the general grant pot.

Personally, I feel that undermines the importance of addressing climate change and reduces the incentive for local groups to make specific actions. However, it’s much, much better than nothing and is a superb addition to your Town Council’s carbon neutral commitment.

As ever, although I’ve covered a fair bit in this video there’s inevitably a lot I’ve missed out. If there’s anything you’d like me to include in the next one please get in touch by email or social media. Details are on the Waltham Abbey Greens website.

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