UPDATE – Shell to be refused further permission on Sun Street

Following the brief campaign about the Shell Energy representatives on Sun Street they are going to be refused further permission to operate there.

Waltham Abbey Town Council has issued the following statement:

Street Traders in Sun Street

Waltham Abbey Town Council has been in receipt of complaints regarding Shell and the excessive tactics used by it’s street traders on Sun Street and has also been made aware of the numerous complaints made through various social media sites.


The council has been in touch with Epping Forest District Council licensing department today and has received the following reply:

Due to the complaints received, going forward no further applications by Shell will be accepted.

If you have any further issues with street traders on Sun Street please contact the licensing department at Epping Forest District Council directly.


Thanks to everyone who completed the survey and contacted the Town Council and Shell directly.

These are just four of the 60+ comments from the survey:

Hounded constantly. Despite consistently telling them I’m not interested and furthermore making excuses, to the point of fabricating a husband that is in charge of the bills.
I was told to say the word ‘avocado’- that means you have been approached before and not interested. Its ridiculous, the pressure they put on the elderly is also worrying.

The operatives are belligerent and very persistent. They have been a wretched presence off and on all last year. They now have a gazebo and loom large outside the Coop. They seem unable to take no for an answer.

They are very rude. Step out in front of me to make me stop when it is clear I don’t want to engage with them. I have been accosted 3 times in the same day and am getting fed up with it.

I come to work in Sun Street and I’m constantly pestered by these people every single time I leave and they are really intimidating and don’t take no easily. Half of our clients have said they’ve avoided coming to the Abbey unless they are desperate, as they just can’t handle the constant hassle. I’m also wondering how long we are going to have to endure this, as they’ve been here for the last year on and off. Surely there can’t be anymore people left to pester to buy there services in the Abbey.

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