Video comment – cuts and crime in Waltham Abbey

Responding to news that gun and knife crime in Epping Forest has risen by 50%, Dave Plummer, the Green Party’s representative for Waltham Abbey, said,

‘Over the last few years Police Officer numbers have been cut by 20,000, with an inevitable reduction in police on our streets. Additionally, education and youth services have been cut, with an average 8% cut in real-terms education funding per pupil. As public services are forced to prioritise the most essential services others, which support young people and ultimately help hold our society together, are thrown on the bonfire of austerity.’

‘The fact that some of our town and parish councillors are now giving taxpayers’ money to private security firms to plug the gaps shows how out of hand things have become.’

‘It’s all part of the same ideological spending decisions that see working families having to rely on foodbanks, vulnerable families living in unsuitable temporary accommodation and disabled people confined to their homes.’

‘Local surveying conducted by the Green Party shows lack of policing and increased anti-social behaviour as the second highest priority in our communities, just behind parking issues.’

‘Ultimately criminals are responsible for crime but by undervaluing and disenfranchising young people, rather than supporting and engaging them, society is contributing to this rise in criminal activity.’

‘Although they’re no substitute for a properly funded Police service we encourage people to get involved in their local Neighbourhood Watch if they can. Visit for details.’

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