Waltham Abbey faces massive reduction in bus services

UPDATE 28/04/2018: I’ve written Cllr Ray Gooding of Essex County Council: Email to Essex County Council re. Waltham Abbey Bus Services

Limited passenger numbers and a lack of support from Essex County Council have led EOS Buses to reduce their services.

From 6th May the 66 bus service from Waltham Cross to Loughton will end at 8.15pm, losing the 8.45 and 9.15 services.

From 2nd June the 86 won’t have a Saturday service and the weekday services will no longer include Nazeing.

This is very bad news for anybody who can’t, or chooses not to, drive. It’s also bad news for motorists who already have to deal with traffic jams and a lack of parking spaces.

It is, of course, bad news for the environment and our childrens’ health too.

Essex County Council say that they are committed to supporting alternatives to car use. Hopefully they will step in and subsidise these services, and later evening services, to help reduce car use, reduce long term health care costs and support our local economy.

If you think that Essex County Council should help fund these bus services please email Cllr Ray Gooding: cllr.ray.gooding@essex.gov.uk

You should copy District Councillor Sam Kane into your email: sam.kane@wacg.info

We’d be grateful if you copy us in too: walthamabbey@eppingforest.greenparty.org.uk



  • Mark Gregory

    I said EOS has being axe its a very bed bus service

    • Dave Plummer

      Hi Mark,

      Personally, I find EOS to be pretty good. They’re relatively reliable – although knock-on effects from incidents on the M25 can affect services – and most of the drivers are personable.

      They’re expensive but that’s largely because they don’t get subsidies and too few people use them. It would be helpful if Essex County Council paid more than lip service to encouraging people to use buses but they seem happy to prop up our car culture instead.

  • j wolfe

    I travel on the 66 to/from Loughton everyday and for the past few months, apart from the odd occasion they have run ok, though they are prone to break down and there is often a driver off sick…. I do wonder why they don’t put the double decker bus on for the morning school run to Loughton and the 3.10 school pick up from Loughton? Both buses are severely over crowded. This is especially annoying when in the evenings I often see an empty double decker going back and forth? My other problem is the price increases. Twice a year and it is never by a couple of pounds. I have to pay 1 adult fare and one child fare to Loughton plus 1 student fare to Harlow costing around £160 a month with no discounts, i have a 3rd child needing a ticket in September…

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