Waltham Abbey Town Council rejects Crown Hill Garden Centre development

Epping Forest Green Party has welcomed Waltham Abbey Town Council’s Planning Committee decision to reject a proposal for a 21 home development on the Crown Hill Garden Centre.

The 21 three bedroom homes would have comprised seven three-bedroom starter homes, four three-bedroom disabled designed homes and ten for the open market.

Dave Plummer, who attended the meeting as a public observer on behalf of Epping Forest Green Party in Waltham Abbey, said,

‘I’m delighted that the Town Council decided to reject this proposal. There was no affordable rented housing included, no social housing and the three-bedroom starter homes would still be out of reach of the majority of first time home buyers.’

‘Also, the development, which is in the Green Belt on the edge of Epping Forest, would have seen the loss of several trees and disruption to natural habitat. The proposal made no reference to energy efficiency or incorporating renewable energy provision, both of which are important to reduce bills and protect our climate.’

‘The site is also very badly served by public transport, with only the 213 and 214 bus routes running nearby.’

‘It’s likely that this proposal was an opening salvo from the developers and an amended proposal will be submitted in due course, though it’s hard to envisage a development which would be appropriate for this site.’

The planning application is still likely to go before Epping Forest District Council. Yo can view the and documents and comment on the proposal on the District Council’s website: http://efgp.org.uk/crownhillplans

This is a map of the site: